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Spur Press is a ministry and service of Timotheos, Inc.  If you are interested in setting up a Print on Demand system, our ministry is to show you how to do it for yourself and save thousands of dollars. We believe this technology is extremely important for the spreading of the Gospel and Discipleship of the church. We believe the resources should go directly into getting the maximum number of systems out in the field.IMG_1066

That is why we have given everything we have learned and developed about this technology and made it open source. We actually have a POD System that we use daily to print books and ministry materials. We share everything we know and learn, along with free “how to” and training videos, on our website.

This POD technology can be purchased directly and is plug and play. You do not need any proprietary knowledge, equipment, or software to print thousands of books a month. We produce wonderful materials this way every day.

We show you exactly what the machines cost, and where to buy them.


Building a Print on Demand System is easy.  You can buy everything you need off the internet or at your local office supply.  See our examples of what equipment to purchase and where to get it.  Depending on where you are located, you can often save thousands by printing your own materials for evangelism and discipleship.


Ink is one of the most expensive items for your POD and makes a huge difference in your printing costs.  We have negotiated a special price for ministries and missionaries from one of the premier ink manufacturers in the world.  Ministries can purchase this ink through us at great discounts.  Learn more by clicking below.


Our Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is made to be used with ease, anywhere. Our bottle system allows you to use any bulk ink to quickly and easily fill the system.  It only takes minutes to set up and uses medical grade fittings that insure the best performance from your CISS.