My Ownership Challenge and Bible Study is a learning opportunity that utilizes scripture, ownership and
 accountability to bring about dynamic change in a Christian teen’s life. Instead of being a
 spectator in a learning program, they can take ownership of the process and follow
our easy to use templates to take control of their lives.

The parent or teacher in this program does not “tell” others what to do, but helps
 them explore it for themselves. They do not “dictate” the plan and goals, but assist
 one in crafting their own. They actually author their own plan using scripture as their guide. You become a sounding board and accountability “partner” with them.



12 Great skills for young adults!  What would change in a teenager’s life if these character skills drove their behavior at school, home, and with their friends?

Responsibility – Taking full and complete ownership of yourself and the tasks given
to me and seeing them to their completion without complaining, blaming, or making

Teachability – A willingness to seek and accept new information outside yourself,
plus the humility to openly consider it, combined with the ability to make personal
changes that reflect your new knowledge.

Respect – Deferring to another person’s leadership, individuality, or position and
supporting their right to make choices, decisions, or take action without passing
judgment or criticizing them.

Courage – The ability to make yourself take the appropriate action, of word or deed,
in the face of people, situations, or opinions that seek to paralyze or silence you.

Mental Toughness – The ability to protect and maintain your focus, attitude, beliefs,
and thoughts from external and internal distractions and fears.

Honesty – Giving accurate and relevant information to a legitimate stakeholder in a
complete, compassionate, courteous and professional manner without editorializing
or skewing it.

Self-Control – The ability to stop yourself from doing things that will hurt you or
others and render your talents and abilities powerless.

Self-Discipline – Consistently making the right choice in all the small things you
decide every day until what you want to do is the same as what you need to do.

Persistence – A decision to see something through to the end while possibly facing
substantial obstacles or enduring long periods of time without seeing any positive

Patience – The courage to let situations and people work things through while
resisting the self-delusion that others cannot function without you controlling them.

Attention to Detail – You provide enough information and complete enough steps in a task that
the person who follows you can use your work with confidence.

Time Management – Prioritizing your life and work so you can accomplish what you
need in a timely manner and still have time for the things you want to do.


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