How To Videos

These videos will show you some of the various machines and we use them, how to adapt them, or how to make some of the things we use. 

This video is an overview of one way to make books using a POD System.  This video shows two people who have never made a book using the machines and making a finished product.  The video is a great way to see how easy it is to make a book yourself.  Remember, this is just one use for a POD.  You can set a smaller one up and easily make spiral bound workbooks.  It is up to you. This video is 37:35 long

Making a Book Start to Finish  (length 37:35)

The first thing a lot of people want to know is how much room does it take to set up a POD and what does it look like. You do not have to set up the full POD.  You can start with just one printer and a coil or wire binder. Scale this to your needs.  Or, if you need more capacity, you can add as many printers as you would like.  It is completely flexible to fit your needs! This video is 7:13 long.

How Much Room Do You Need For A POD? (Length 7:13)

One of the most useful tools in a POD is the stack cutter.  This machine has a large blade in it and is used for cutting books and pamphlets to size. The leverage of the handle and blade makes cutting large stacks of paper very easy.  Learning how to use this machine, you can also create materials that have a “full Bleed” edge.  That means the color goes all the way to the edge of the paper.  This is a machine you have to be very careful with.  I cut the tip of my finger off just by letting my finger run past the blade while it was stationary!  Be careful!  This is video is 10:30 long.

Using a Stack Cutter (Length 10:30)

This is the manual perfect binder for making soft cover books.   This binder works well if you have a small amount of books to make.  I would not recommend it of you are making more than 200 books a month.  It takes some skill and patience to use.  It is a good low cost alternative. This one is a Chinese knock off.  The original binder is made by Fastbind and cost 6 times as much as this one.  This video is 11:39 long.

Using a Manual Perfect Binder (Length 11:39)

This is a video from a distributor for an automatic binder.  I use one of these and it works very well.  It is much more expensive, around $3,200.00 USD, but well worth it if you are doing a large volume of soft cover (perfect bind) books.  It makes a very nice product and is easy to learn how to use.  I am not recommending this distributor – they just happen to have a nice video on Youtube of how the machine works.  Always shop around before you buy!

Automatic Binder (Length 2:51)

This video shows you how to make workbooks using a wire binder.  It is similar to a plastic coil binder which operates on the same principle.  However, they are two different machines so be sure which one you want to use before buying one.  This is great for workbooks and study materials.  A book bound this way can lay flat so that the learner can easily write in it.  Also, you can make your workbooks either 8.5 X 11 or A4 and not have to use a stack cutter.  This video is 3:32 long.

Using the Wire Binder for Workbooks (Length 3:32)

A Creaser is a very useful tool for making books.  It is used to crease the cover before using the manual binder.  It can also be used for making Saddle Stitch pamphlets and brochures. It makes a clean crease in the paper or book cover so that it folds easily and cleanly.  It has a lot of uses.  I use mine all the time for small booklets and handouts.

Using a Creaser (Length5:16)