There are ​essential conversations ...

that every adult, every child, every company, every school, every organization, and every professional needs to have.  The challenge is that these skills are often left to chance or presented as a suggestion.  That's where we come in.  We have the tools to teach ​valuable life skills through creating the conversations you need to have.  ​Then, you can begin bringing your people together as a team or community that works, innovates, and succeeds together.

Character Life Skills For Teens

We ​offer a life changing series for High School ​students which is tailored to their unique learning needs and abilities.  This program covers 12 different Character Skills.  Students study and practice each week for a total of 12 weeks of instruction.  ​This series is ready to go for any classroom with easy to follow lessons,  class discussion questions, ​goal setting, and ​feedback.  The program takes about one hour a week of class time per week and can be delivered in a variety of classes.  You can deliver it all at once or break up each lesson into parts.  This can also be used in community youth and mentoring programs.  This is life changing!

​Remind them what's important!

We have ​12 awesome posters for you to put up as a reminder about character.  ​These posters are 11X17 and will look great in your home, office, or classroom.  You can't remind people often enough about good character.  These posters are printed on heavy stock and are suitable for framing.  Display them all or trade them out ever week.  Either way, you will find yourself referring to them often!

​Start a valuable conversation at work

T​he Candlestick Wars will absolutely change to way you look at your business and customer relationships!​ ​Start thinking beyond your products and services and start thinking about how you interact with your customers.  This book has discussion questions at the end of every chapter so you and your team can implement the concepts right away.  Use it for weekly team meetings, a retreat, or even as a mentoring tool.  ​You will never forget the lessons your learn from The Candlestick Wars.